Feb 262012

This week I went to Indianapolis for a meeting and to NYC for a long weekend. I took along my M9P with just one lens, the 35mm 2.0 Summicron. While I did not actively take photos, I enjoyed pressing the shutter here and there. Besides spending time in the city I decided to visit Coney Island and Zion Cemetery. I had never been there before and now I had time. Actually I liked Coney Island. Great colors, even when everything is closed. I met a vendor from Pakistan, who didn’t want to get photographed but he offered me a seat. There is one shot of him in front of his half-open shop. He would sit there in the sun, not waiting for customers but for his friend, a 89 year old man, who once worked at Coney Island as well. This friend would look from his balcony at one of the high rises to see if his fellow would sit in front of his shop. Then he would take his walker and would make his long way down to hang out with him. And as we talked his friend actually showed up and he sat down and both spent the day together. Here are a few shots from this week.


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  1. Dirk a nice set of images from your visit in NY.
    I was puzzled by what the people were queueing for at Horatio St. Cnr. Maybe you know?
    Good Luck with you photo travels and Blog.

    • Hi Cedric
      I could not figure that out. They were lined up at a barber shop, but it didn’t look like that they were going to the barber. It was not a bus stop either. I should have asked. D!RK

  2. Hei Frisen,

    schöne Bilder von NYC und Coney Island. Freu mich schon unseren Besuch im Mai.

    Grüsse aus München


  3. Dirk, who is Frisen?

    Nice images!


    • Gerd
      That’s how my family calls me. Frisen or Fritz. Friends in Germany call me Ali or Doc. So every group has a different name for me. Don’t ask why. D!RK

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