High flow blood infuser and heat exchanger

From The Patent Application

A high flow rate infusion unit includes a heating unit with opposing, electrically-operated heating plates that contact a heat exchanger to heat infusate flowing therethrough. Pressure infusers on the infusion unit are operable to provide infusate at a high flow rate. A flat, elongate heat exchanger has a laminar fluid flow path receivable between the heating plates to which heat is conducted by contact with the heating plates. A bubble trap and a valve are disposed within the heat exchanger. The bubble trap collects bubbles and vents air from infusate exiting the fluid flow path, and the valve shuts off the flow of infusate if the volume of air in the bubble trap exceeds a predefined limit.

The product was designed in 2004/05 but never went into production. In 2010 Arizant was purchased by 3M.
Images of early prototypes/renderings and patent descriptions are available online.