Lilly Savvio

Key design insights emerged from worldwide research that guided the design, like how patients prefer insulin pens that look less like medical objects and more like tangible expressions of the condition and the therapy. The sleek, colorful SAVVIO pen was created to help patients feel comfortable and confident about fitting mealtime injections into their everyday lives.

Savvio is made out of medical-grade aluminum and is available in six different colors

Savvio comes in a discreet, non-medical pouch. Every aspect of Savvio was inspired by fashion and beauty products, including its matching packaging design. To make this happen in a highly regulated market, the team had to break barriers in manufacturing, packaging design, and distribution.

A year later we redesigned the Lilly Kwikpen platform, a prefilled insulin injection pen, to complement the reusable Savvio device. Savvio was launched in 2013, mostly in Europe and Asia. In 2015 the first Kwikpen redesign was launched in the US with the concentrated U200 insulin.


In 2016 the FDA approved U500, a 5x concentrated insulin, for the Kwikpen platform.

In 2017 the newly developed, long-acting insulin Basaglar became available for the Kwikpen platform.


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