May 142011
MagnumPhoto workshop

Yesterday I finished my project at the MagnumPhoto workshop in Toronto. It had been a tight week with lots of learning from David Alan Harvey. Day 1 Student portfolio review all morning long and free street shooting time in the afternoon. I wondered around downtown and Kensington Market to figure out ideas and locations. My goal was to engage with people on the street and to photograph an emotional story. Instead of just “stealing” a photo I talked to anybody who seemed to be interesting. A couple that was hanging out in front of a church, a really old guy […]

Apr 142011
Cool camera concept

I found this video link on my Facebook site this morning. I like the design of the camera. Very clean and simple. Not sure how I would use the detached lens. Would be nice if you could mount the lens on a tripod and use the screen to set up a studio scene. D!RK  

Mar 192011
Sony NEX-5 video by Dan DeRuntz & Angelica Leonard

My dear co-worker Dan created this beautiful video with his Sony NEX-5. It is called Butterfly Hatari. He used a 35mm 1.4 Voigtlaender lens and the Sony 18-55mm lens to shoot the sequences. Personally I like his use of a steady cam. It creates a nice flow along the fences. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy this short gem. D!RK