Mar 022012

Here is a quick DOF example. I took this shot handheld with a Leaf Aptus back on a PhaseOne DF camera with a 80mm D lens. to test that combo.I used 1/180, the longest exposure time that doesn’t create motion blur with that lens. A good rule 3x the focal length. So ideally I would have used 1/250. You really have to hold still as much as possible to not get washed-out details. F4 was the aperture that I used. I am amazed how critical the focus needs to be. In the whole shot (slightly cropped) the red outlet looks sharp. Once you zoom in you can see how the focus is on the main body but everything that sticks out just a bit is unfocused. Click on the images to get a 100% view. Actually I like that effect because it makes the photo look more 3D like. At the same time it is very easy to lock the autofocus on the wrong detail. It is almost impossible to catch that in the viewfinder but a large print does not forgive any mistakes. D!RK

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