Aug 162015

One of my favorite Boston moments. Two, three times a year the Queen Mary 2 stops at Boston Harbor. It stays there for a day or so and leaves really late at night at 11pm. So you walk at night through this empty, industrial area to reach the tip of the Black Falcon Pier. You may be joined by a handful of fishing people and a few others. Not more than ten. At 11pm the gigantic vessel moves slowly, really slowly backwards out of the dock. A funk band was playing on the rear deck, which is the only sound you hear and adds to the surreal moment. It is beautiful to watch how this elegant, huge ship silently moves, turns when it reaches the open water and hovers there for a while, looking a bit like Titanic under full moon in its black and white dress. Then it pushes forward and out to the open sea.

I took a couple of images with my 35mm Summilux and a Leica M240.

A few years back I used a Leaf back and and PhaseOne digital camera to capture this long exposure. The result is an abstract that keeps people puzzled about the origin of this light curtain. Usually they get it when they see the water in the bottom, left corner.


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