May 152011

Yesterday the weather changed from being nice and sunny to foggy and rainy. We had been lucky throughout the workshop. The weather was nice and pleasant, sunny most of the time. I walked around the distillery district until I decided to stop by in the financial district as well. When I passed Union Station I took this picture of a high rise. It is a well known building in Toronto but I have no idea what it is called. It stood out with its golden glass while everything else looked dark blue. The fog created a nice fading effect which adds to the mood of the lighting. Time to pack and to get back to Boston. Still, I like this city and will come back.

  3 Responses to “Toronto fog”

  1. Lieber Dirk,

    mir gehen so langsam die Bezeichnungen aus, wenn ich Dir wieder einmal mitteilen möchte,
    wie ergreifend all diese Toronto Aufnahmen sind.
    Anyway, I love what you´re doing!
    Lots of love, Baerbel

  2. Hi Dirk,
    Great photo! This is the Royal Bank Building. I’m glad you enjoyed Toronto so much. Keep in touch if you do come back!

  3. Thanks Margaux. I will definitely come back to Toronto. It is a great city. Very artsy and a good place for photography. Now I know the name of that building. 😉 Dirk

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